Monday, July 9, 2012

nudes from Vimeo : Part 3

Amy Jackson : Oceans Lingerie

Naked Happy Girls

I photographed Rubina in a friends apartment in Queens a few years back. She's an Indian/African American mix. Rubina is cute. Silly. Fun. Like me. This was the beginning of our shoot, where I first got her undressed. I mixed in a bit of super-8 film as well. Rubina made it into my "naked coast to coast book." Yahoo.

I found Haleigh at a nude beach in San Francisco, called Baker Beach. We did a photo/film shoot minutes later :) This is Haleigh explaining who she is, what she does in life, and why she loves to be naked at the beach. Nudists worldwide celebrate!

Lola Abbey

the Line of Nakedness from Poglazey Studio on Vimeo.

credits : N.E.M.O / Fyre dpt / Notylius copyright control
out of upcomin lp " Whatever " (oct 2011)
youtube channel: nemowebtv
Directors : Fernando De Azevedo /
Xavier Bellanger

Model: Alex Casar
Video: Simon Bolz,
This is a teaser accompanying my sensual photo series "Enfuego". 

You can find the photos here:
Music: Shayef Nafsak (scamper mix) by scamper (

Hot video compilation of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's photoshootings and other stuffs.

Model: Tania

Sheryl Nields directs Mila Kunis for Esquire Magazine's "Women We Love" feature.

A music video for Fake Blood's song, "The Dozens" mixed with the film Total Recall. 
Life on Mars is much more exotic than you'd think.

COMPLEX Magazine: Danielle Panabaker from Eric Longden on Vimeo.

Un spectacle de danse théâtre de Pigeons International. Un hommage au corps humain vu à travers le prisme d'une relation amoureuse.