Monday, August 27, 2012

nudes from Vimeo : Part 8

Indis French cancan from Ben Games on Vimeo.

sexy Canadian soccer player by Wolf189 from WOLF189 on Vimeo.
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Room 28 tells a story of a woman whose manic-depressive tendencies have led her to a personal breakdown with a tragic ending.
The nudity conveys an idea of her mental destruction, self-denial and rejection of the outer reality with its strict morals and orders.
The middle of the story is left open-ended for the viewers to make their own interpretations of the events unfolding on their screens.
Director : Ignati Yakubeni
Original Soundtrack by Bradley C Bridgens and The Aurorae Initiative
Cast : Emma Litova , Kristina

Carina is a Nudist

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Nettie R Harris is all cuteness. Gorgeous tress...
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